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Embracing Concise Storytelling and Pitching Media Through Social Media

For many journalists working from home, there has been some relief of no to much fewer phone calls from publicists.

For PR people, we've had to really hone our journalistic skills in order to be concise and still attract the interest of media who are interested in writing a news story on our client. We've had to embrace email communications in a newer way then before.

Yet, there are other ways to connect with media.

To know news is to have, at one point, written news. The secret to good pitching these days is a broadcast style story pitch written for a 1-minute on air story or mention. Social media has made this practice not only more mainstream, but necessary.

As many PR people have found through Facebook Groups like Czars. My Story Source Facebook Group is purely for media and PR pros with stories to pitch or share for consideration. However, it is our Twitter account that has media a buzz, following us more and more.

While Facebook allows for a longer pitch introduction, Twitter is super concise and a preferred method of many journalists and newsrooms to get story ideas. We know this because one of is a TV producer and that's exactly how they find story sources and ideas.

The My Story Source Live Twitter Pitch Feed is 24/7 nonstop opportunity for PR pros to connect with our media followers. Here you can connect with writers and bloggers from USA Today, New York Times, Cosmo and even major TV show producers.

Our group is small and growing. The more meaningful content and story ideas you can share, the more our group will grow. The best part is that you can share @MyStorySource on Twitter several times per day!

Just another cool tool for our awesome members.



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